Ari Announced Departure from Stars and Rabbit
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Adi Announced Departure from Folk Duo, Stars and Rabbit

Stars and Rabbit was a project initiated by both Elda as vocalist and songwriter, and Adi as the guitarist. Together, they have accomplished various achievements including holding an extensive “Baby Eyes Tour” in the UK in 2016 and a French tour last July, as well as being included on the official soundtrack of “Wander” – a US TV series in 2018. Fast forward to November 2019, a surprising announcement was made through the band’s official social media. On a post dated November 12th, 2019, it was stated that Adi had decided to leave the project. The caption which was written by Elda read, “With the heaviest heart, Adi will no longer join me in the journey of Stars and Rabbit from now on as he pursues his other exciting dream back to advertising industry. Which I couldn’t be more happier for it.”

The duo’s latest endeavor included participation in an annual music festival in Iceland called Iceland Airwaves 2019 that was held on November 6th – 9th, 2019. After releasing their critically acclaimed album “Constellation” in 2015, the folk duo that resides in Yogyakarta hasn’t released any new materials. The latest music we could enjoy from the band is their live album recorded at Societet Militair in 2016. This departure news was received with much despair from their longtime fans who have followed their journey since the beginning. However, Elda reassured fans that Stars and Rabbit will not die down. She promised to introduce a new partner sometime soon and uttered great wishes to Adi as well on a lengthy post. Losing someone that has become a partner since the very first establishment must be hard, but it is a part of growing and living. We wish nothing but the best for both Stars and Rabbit as a project and Adi as a creative individual. We’ll keep our eyes on @_starsandrabbit for the latest news!