Mocca Successfully Celebrated 20th Anniversary with a Concert!Mocca Successfully Celebrated 20th Anniversary with a Concert!

JAKARTA (12/20) – Reaching the age of 20 years isn’t an easy feat for a music ensemble. It also applied to Mocca, a pop band hailing from Bandung. In their 20 years of career, the band has gone through several ups and downs including a lengthy hiatus after Arina, their vocalist decided to pursue a career abroad. However, no matter what obstacle the might face in the past, Mocca proves that they are here to stay and with the strength coming from Swinging Friends (red: Mocca’s official fanclubs), the band returns stronger than ever with a couple albums and exciting project. On December 20th, 2019, Mocca with the help of Kios Music held a special concert to commemorate their 20th anniversary titled “Mocca’s 20th Anniversary Concert: You and Me Against The World”. The concert was held at Studio Palem, Kemang and featured guest musicians who were involved in Tribute to Mocca’s project like Bilal Indrajaya, Asteriska, Coldiac, The Panturas, and many more.

Mocca Successfully Celebrated 20th Anniversary with a Concert!
Credit: Kios Music

Swinging Friends were seen ecstatic prior to the concert. Studio Palem was filled with Mocca’s longtime fans as well as the new ones. It wasn’t packed to the level of uncomfortable, so we could still move freely in front of the stage. Several opening acts warmed the night up before Arina, Riko, Indra, and Toma ascended upon the stage. The audience sat while enjoying the tunes from the musicians. Some of them even sang along to the familiar tunes that they might have known before. After a while, Mocca took the stage and received an applause from the crowd. They brought their classic tunes like “On The Night Like This”, “Secret Admirer”, “My Only One”, and many more. To make it more special, Mocca also asked their collaborators to perform with them. The concert was warm, simple, unforgettable, and showcased how close the band and their fans was. There wasn’t much going on with the stage design or decor. Instead, the audience got to enjoy Mocca’s discography to the fullest at their 20th anniversary. We’re looking forward to seeing Mocca’s upcoming project soon and of course, more original tunes from them.

Dokumentasi: Kios Music/Editor: Novita Widia