Mocca 20th Anniversary ConcertMocca Celebrates 20th Anniversary with A Concert

JAKARTA – Who isn’t familiar with songs like “Happy”, “I Remember”, or “Teman Sejati”? Mocca have accompanied us in the past twenty years with songs that are both easy listening and happy-go-lucky. Reaching their 20th year of career, the band who hails from Bandung will present a concert called Mocca’s 20th Anniversary Concert : You and Me in the World”. The concert which is organized kiosMusic Now Playing will be held on December 20th, 2019 at Studio Palem, Jln. Flamboyan No. 10, Duren Tiga, Jakarta. The choice of date isn’t coincidental, since 20 represents the age of Mocca. The band has an expansive discography containing 5 full-lenght albums, 1 soundtrack album, and 1 EP. Celebrating this upcoming concert, Mocca’s guitarist Riko Prayitno said, Mocca’s 20th Anniversary Concert : You and Me Against the World” is aimed to celebrate togetherness. Hopefully this concert can be a great landmark for Mocca’s musical career, and we could not go on this far without the support from all of you.”

Arina Ephipania (vocal), Riko Prayitno (guitar), Achmad ‘Toma’ Pratama (bass), and Indra Massad (drum) will not be alone in this concert as they are said to collaborate with several musicians that have participated on their tribute album “You and Me Against the World : A Tribute to Mocca”. This album sees several musicians like Coldiac, Asteriska, The Panturas, Mustache and Beard, Nonaria, Sky Sucahyo and many more reinterpret Mocca’s songs with their own style and characteristic. Indra Massad informed us that some of those aforementioned acts will perform during Mocca’s upcoming concert. The event is supported fully by kiosMusic Now Playing and Berita Angkasa. The tickets have been on sale via and currently sold out as we are writing this article, proving the band’s all-time high demand. Further information regarding other ticket sales will be announced via @konsermocca and on Instagram. Let’s sing along and celebrate 20th anniversary of Mocca!Mocca 20th Anniversary Concert