Ache Self Titled EP ReviewAche’s 2nd EP Revives Youth with Melancholy

Just in case you need another dose of emotive tunes, you can check out Tangerang based band Ache with their brand new second self-titled EP. They have been around since 2018 and first appeared on our radar with their “Tired” EP. First off from their second EP is a single called “Tummo”. On this one, they blend a heavy dose of pop punk influence with a bit of melodic emo tunes. Ache cited influences from Asian Man Records bands like Tuesday, The Broadways, Warm Thoughts, and Cheap Girls. A bit of Lemuria can also be found on this album adding another depth to their musical exploration that is indie rock. The album is opened with “Hospital Bed”, an energetic mid-tempo song. It features a simple beats that could grab your attention to listen more of their album. Much like “Tummo”, this one also got more pop-punk influence rather than melodic emo. It is then continued with “Clear Eyes Wide Heart” that features Dandy Gilang of Write The Future/Much. We love what they do with their melodic guitar as it becomes the core component that builds this whole song. Dandy Gilang offers a great combination with his perfect pronunciation on the vocals.

“Lens” sounds like a half chopped song that could be (or should be) longer. Nonetheless, it makes a great outro for its predecessor track. “Tummo” becomes the fourth track of this EP, and like we said earlier blends a 50:50 percent ratio of melodic emo and pop punk influences. It is a great introduction to the whole soundscape of Ache for those who haven’t heard about the band or dying to know what they are all about. The ending sounds so emo-ish then it suddenly ends that made us sad, wish it could be longer. “Blue” easily becomes our favourite from the album. It opens with a great riff, followed by a melodic guitar pick, and completed with repetitive chorus that got stuck in our heads instantly. If the album was played on loop, “Blue” is the standout track that isn’t easy to get rid to, and that’s a compliment. The mini album is closed by “Dread” featuring Avin from Cubfires (their labelmate you should check out as well). It is also the longest and most up-beat track on the album. Weirdly, it sounds like if Write The Future, Murphy Radio, and Beeswax make love and birth this sound.Ache Self Titled EP Review

Overall, the album contains a nice blend of emotive tunes that was highlighted by some twinkly guitar parts and pop punk influences that is represented by the riffs and drum beats. The mixing of this album tries to accentuate the instruments more rather than the vocals. That’s why sometimes it is hard to understand the words, however, it is far far far better than their first EP “Tired”. “Tired” sounds so unpolished and hollow for the most part, as the sound was pushed too far back in the background. This time Ache showcased a much better sound experience. If the pronunciation is brushed up a little bit, the band will have a bright future ahead. Since we listen to the song in our mid 20s, it is safe to say that the album reminisces some parts of our youth with a hint of melancholy. Their self-titled EP has been released on various digital streaming services via Sailboat Records and follow the band on Instagram if you’re keen to know what’s good.