Jugo Djarot Busana MV ReviewJugo Djarot Teases Our Minds with “Busana” MV

It might be a scenario straight outta PornHub or maybe a scene inspired by Satoshi Kon’s movie (read our review for “Perfect Blue” for further reference). However you might interpret this video, we can assure you that “Busana” music video by Jugo Djarot is a feast for your eyes and a tease for your mind. Released awhile ago back in October, this video becomes the second visual we got from the Circarama’s frontman turns soloist. Jugo Djarot worked with Tinta Hitam Creative who appointed Dwike Yoga Muliana as the scriptwriter and director for this music video. From the very first start, the style has been consistent by using a pop of turquoise color as one of the elements in every scene. It is seen on the telephone, on the tumbler, on the wall, uh, do we miss any? Aside from the aesthetic use of colors, the video doesn’t explicitly tell the whole narration with dialogues or context. Taking a rather contrasting image and singing style than what he does with Circarama, Jugo lays out a smooth vocal delivery with tons of falsetto. The Indonesiana element in “Busana” reminds us of a bit of what Mondo Gascaro, Guruh Soekarnoputra, and Candra Darusman do with their music.Jugo Djarot Busana MV Review

You would see repetitive and simultaneous scenes reenacted by two leading characters in this video, and by that, we could imply that Jugo Djarot took the role of a butler or maid. Serving for a young lady, he fell in love with her and obsessed to be with her just like the clothes she wears all the time (hence the title ‘Busana’ which means clothes in Indonesian). Small gestures and facial expressions are as minimalistic as this video gets. Furthermore, as the viewers are taken on a journey to unveil how the two might pursue a romantic or sexual relationship, here comes a scene where the BDSM element takes over. We would explain further, but it is best to watch the whole thing yourself. Jugo and Dwike decided to give an open ending to this video, giving the viewers a chance to develop more than one theory on how this thing might end. We’re pretty disappointed that the 4-minute cinematic experience of “Busana” ends too quickly, we demand closure or continuation of this video for Jugo Djarot’s upcoming visuals, please!