Tiny Moving Parts Jakarta Concert Asia Tour 2020
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[UPDATED] Tiny Moving Parts To Perform in Jakarta Next Year

The post-hardcore/emo revival band hailing from Minnesota, Tiny Moving Parts, is reportedly performing in Jakarta next year. The news was broken yesterday as it was announced via the promoter, Doggs Live. William Chevalier (drums), Matthew Chevalier (bass, vocals), and Dylan Mattheisen (guitar, vocals) has scheduled an Asia Tour in 2020 starting from February 2nd, 2020 in Singapore. Through the official announcement made on the band’s website, they haven’t listed the Jakarta’s date just yet. It was just confirmed that the show in Jakarta will be held on February 5th, 2020. The tickets as we are writing this article has been sold out for its Presale category which is sold at IDR199,000. The normal priced ticket is sold at IDR299,000 via Eventevent App.

Cited from Bandwagon Asia, their tour dates in Asia are promoted by Skesh Entertainment who works alongside local organizers in each respective city. Tiny Moving Parts had released a full-length album this year called “breathe” and this tour is the answer to the longing fans who have been begging for them to come to Asia.

Tiny Moving Parts Jakarta Concert Asia Tour 2020
Tiny Moving Parts Asia Tour 2020

Furthermore about their tour in Indonesia which is promoted by Doggs Live, the official venue, date, or ticket’s price hasn’t been announced yet as we’re writing down this article. The promoter itself is a newly established organization which is based in Jakarta. You can get the latest update regarding Tiny Moving Parts’ performance in Indonesia by following Doggs Live’s social media (@doggs.live) or keep your eyes peeled at @tinymovingparts on Instagram or Facebook. Their coming to Indonesia becomes another must-watch concert for emo lovers as another holy act, American Football, had set foot in the archipelago this year. Are you coming to their show or let it pass just like a memory from your ex? Stream “breathe” on various digital streaming service and let the lyrics soak in before you decide to purchase the ticket for their upcoming show.

Tiny Moving Parts Jakarta Concert Asia Tour 2020
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