Galabby Jangan Takut Gendut Review SingleGalabby Spreads Body Positivity on “Jangan Takut Gendut”

Let’s all agree that some numbers on a scale do not define us as a person, that might be the key message of Galabby‘s latest song “Jangan Takut Gendut”. Roughly translated as ‘don’t be afraid to be chubby’, the song is a jazz anthem dedicated to those who have struggled to maintain their desired weight and sacrificed their happiness in the process. “I often hear many people are scared of the change happening in their bodies if they eat too much, drink too much sugar, and it made them less happy in enjoying things. It happened to me as well sometimes. So I poured that feeling of mine and many people through this third single,” said Galabby.

This song becomes another collaboration from Galabby with his beloved husband who is an actor and host, Dimas Danang who wrote the lyrics. Dudi Prastowo arranged this song and made it sound so jolly and cheerful. It sounds so vastly different from her previous two songs “Fakta Cinta” and “Indah Pada Waktunya” which are so romantic and melancholic. The use of the brass section adds more happiness and bouncy texture to the song. The closest similarity in terms of message and meaning to “Jangan Takut Gendut” is a song called “Tubuhku Otoritasku” by Tika and The Dissidents. Its point is bold and aimed towards women especially, whose minds, attitude, choice, and bodies are often controlled by what society and media want them to be.

The singer who is a huge fan of theatrical show channeled her inner Broadway style in this song. Be it style, vocalization, or choreography, Galabby’s love towards Broadway is everywhere. If Galabby’s voice can lull you to sleep on previous songs, this time she utilizes it to make you get up and dance. This type of song showcases her full potential as a singer and a performer. You might not want to miss her high notes on 2:11 mark, an impeccable power of belting a difficult note on a range she rarely used. The music video which was directed by SamiSami Management, her label, featured bright and bold colors, two tap dancers, and a whole array of delicious food. At this point, if Galabby doesn’t make a mukbang channel during this promotion period, it would be such a waste. Despite voicing out support for people to embody their shapes, she also reminds us to take water regularly. We stan a healthy queen!