Ready or Not Film ReviewReview: “Ready or Not”, The Unexpected Thriller Flick We Need

What happened when you were required to join a game with your in-laws on your wedding night? This might be unusual, and Grace (Samara Weaving) followed along with her husband’s weird family tradition on the film “Ready or Not”. The film is distributed by 20th Century Fox and was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Cited as a thriller/horror flick, we were pleasantly surprised by the massacre and insanity that this film has to offer. Le Domas family was known to build a gaming empire and with billionaire status, this family was bound to have a strong tradition that didn’t let an ordinary being join their clique. Grace met Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien) and instantly fell in love until they decided to get married, although his family seemed reluctant to welcome a new addition. After tying the knot, Grace was informed that she must follow a game night tradition which was held every time Le Domas family expanded.

Ready or Not Film ReviewShe must draw a card which would show what game she must play and it showed ‘hide and seek’. Unknowingly, Grace followed the terrifying game until she realized that she must hide for her life since she was being hunted by Le Domas family members. This movie was unexpectedly humorous, bloody, and full of dramatic scenes. There weren’t many jumpscares that would shock you, but the twist and turn throughout the movie were unpredictable. One thing for sure, this movie isn’t for those who are easily scared or disgusted by blood, because spoiler alert, you would see a lot of it. Adam Brody who played the role of Daniel Le Domas a.k.a Alex’s brother surprised us with how his character developed from the first scene until the last. One thing we wish to change was the ending part of the film. We know by changing the narration would lengthen the film’s duration, but nothing is as sweet as the lead role getting deserving revenge.

Ready or Not Film Review
Le Domas family

“Ready or Not” is a sleeper thriller hit that you must watch before it goes out of the cinema. Watch the trailer of the film below and prove that you’re not a scaredy-cat!