NOTHING Band Perform in JakartaNOTHING Will Grace Jakarta’s Stage Again This October!

No this is not a déja vu, because NOTHING has been confirmed to set foot in Indonesia once again this October. The American shoegaze band formed in 2010 has previously performed at the archipelago in 2017 with Noisewhore as the organizer. Their coming to Indonesia is a part of their Asian Tour that includes Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Fast forward to this year, Noisewhore once again hosts the gig for NOTHING in Jakarta that is set to happen on October 11th, 2019. Known for their shoegaze sound, NOTHING has released their third studio album called “Dance on The Blacktop” back in 2018. The band won’t only perform in Jakarta this time around. They are scheduled to perform in four cities in Indonesia namely Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, and of course, Jakarta. The “Zero Day” performer will use the chance to promote their latest album to their oldtime fans as well as the new ones. For their Jakarta’s gig, Rossi Musik Fatmawati will witness their live set for the second time.

NOTHING Band Perform in JakartaNOTHING’s music has been known to indulge on sadness, death, decay, and other similar sort of things. According to NOTHING’s interview with Stereogum, guitarist Dominic Palermo’s experience while growing up deeply influence the band’s lyrical side. He grew up in Kensington, North Philadelphia in a working-class neighbourhood that is steeped in high-criminal rate. Their new sound their latest album is said to be their most daring and explorative sound yet, as stated by music critics. It would be such a wasted opportunity, if you don’t catch them on tour this October. Especially when the band finally arrives at your doorstep. Blood Pact (Ex. Bruised Willies) from Singapore will act as the opener for NOTHING for their Jakarta’s gig. Tickets are currently available at a normal price at IDR250K and can be bought through Noisewhore’s website ( For other inquiries, you can look up to Noisewhore‘s social media accounts.

NOTHING Band Perform in Jakarta
NOTHING’s Asian tour