Pale Skies Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby Cover SingleMiftah Bravenda Introduces Pale Skies + New Cover Single

Ambient musician Miftah Bravenda has been pretty productive in the past few years, but it doesn’t stop him to create a new project with the name Pale Skies. Miftah recruited his friend Lingga Salaga to be his bandmate on this project. Both blend music that stems from their adoration towards the ambient genre. Lingga lends her vocal to this project, while Miftah plays all the instruments for Pale Skies. For their musical reference, Pale Skies cited Texan group, Cigarettes After Sex to be their muse. As an ode toward this Greg Gonzales led unit is a cover for the band’s biggest hit to date called “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”. Uploaded onto Pale Skies’ official Soundcloud account, the group takes a slightly different approach from the original. It sounds more minimalistic instrument-wise, you can hear how Lingga’s voice is more accentuated on this cover instead. They chose to cover this particular single since it acts as a bridge to introduce their genre to the listeners.

The cover is the first milestone of the band, but it doesn’t signify that they’ll only be covering songs from other musicians. Through a press release we received, Miftah Bravenda strongly said that Pale Skies has committed to put out original songs which will be compiled in an EP format. The cover of this single also mimics Cigarettes After Sex‘ affection for monochromatic colors. The song was recorded at Are You High? Soundlab Studio with the mixing mastering done by Jerad Evans in Kenosha, Wisconsin – USA. We’re not sure whether they will follow the footsteps of their muse all the time, but we expect much more originality and additional points coming from a musical genius like Miftah Bravenda. Meanwhile, you can enjoy their cover of “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” on the band’s official Soundcloud account. Keep yourself updated with their latest news on @paleskiesmusic.