Miftah Bravenda Those Who Wait for Sweetness SingleMiftah Bravenda Serves A Swirling Tune on “Those Who Wait For Sweetness”

It is rare that we came across an ambient electronic musician, and of them is Miftah Bravenda. The man who has released songs like “Yours” or “Fantom Delivering” has just revealed a double side track called “Those Who Wait For Sweetness”. It contains two singles which are “Those Who Wait For Sweetness” and “Time Galloping”. He is a musician and sound engineer from Serang, Banten whose electronic music is inspired by his anxiety he feels from his bedroom. He offers a simple sounding tune with an exciting touch that he got from his influence. MONO, The Trees and The Wild, Man Without Country and Secular Ghost are among the names of his favorite musicians. During the celebration of Netlabel Day which falls at 14 July 2017, Miftah Bravenda release the double side single through Ripstore.Asia. There, you could download or buy his music and use it with common creative license.

“Those Who Wait For Sweetness” is filled with haunting and gripping sound effect from the beginning. A recurring future electronic beats then come in to make the track more attractive. It is a mid to uptempo number that gets your bodies moving. While the other track “Time Galloping” is a more subdued track which serves repetitive beats and get you on a tranquil mode. He produces his music from his own lab that is called “Are You High? Soundlab”. His sounds are more inclined towards ambient with moods being build up throughout the tracks. You could listen or share the double side single from Miftah Bravenda on Ripstore. Follow the musician’s Soundcloud or Twitter to get the latest updates on his music. The artwork for “Those Who Wait For Sweetness” was created by himself with the help of Luh Ayu Krisdayanti as the photographer. Check out his work below.