Bananach Dusty Space MVBananach Channels Debbie Harry’s Look for “Dusty Space” MV

Have you ever seen Debbie Harry from Blondie with “kearifan lokal” (local custom)? We just saw it on Karina Sokowati’s self on Bananach‘s latest video “Dusty Space” with her blonde wig and dramatic eye make-up. “Dusty Space” was taken from their latest EP and showcased the energetic tunes from the band. The music video was created by Gerombolan Struzzo and directed by Roufy Nasution, a collective which held a program called “Struzzo Express”. Bananach was chosen to be the band whose music would be visualized and voila, the music video was born on August 15th, 2019 for us to enjoy. Beside Karina Sokowati’s look that stole our attention, we also love the fact that this MV was kept simple. The whole shooting process took 3 hours and two weeks for preparation. The band can be seen playing at a Bandung’s roadside. We’re not pretty sure if there was no pedestrian disturbed during the shooting, but the end result was cool in our book.

Albeit having a pretty upbeat tempo, heavy distortion, and strong vocal effect laid on the vocals, the song actually talks about vulnerability. “Dusty Space” chronicles an individual who is having the lowest point of their life, thus affecting the self-esteem and personal value. However, as bleak as the song might sound, watching the music video gives an opposite effect. The noise-rock trio hailing from Bandung have gone through member change and is now formed by Karina Sokowati (vocal), Mojan Ayu Larasati (guitar), Fay (drum), and Java Anggara as additional bassist.  They used to be an all-female band before Java Anggara entered the frame and take place as the bassist of the group.

After releasing “Wasted Demo” that contains two songs “Aphrodites” and “Dusty Space” back in April, Bananach is actively seeking out stages in Bandung and beyond. There was no definite plan for their future releases, but you can enjoy their previous records through their official Bandcamp page. We have reviewed their single “Aphrodites” a while ago, you might as well check it out!