Bananach Aphrodites SingleBananach Serve Banging Rock Tunes on “Aphrodites”

Girls just wanna have fun? Nope, these girls from Bananach want to get crazy on stage by bringing energetic rock tunes on their single called “Aphrodites”. The band which was formed in 2014 returned to the music scene in mid 2017 after few member changes. Hailing from Bandung, the current formation of Bananach are comprised of Karina Sokowati (vocal),  Mojan (guitar, backing vocal), Azni (lead guitar), and Fay (drums). In 2018, the single that they decide to release a song which uses the name of a Greek goddess whose known for her beauty. As opposite of this, the content of the song contains criticism towards women out there who become slaves of consumerism. Sometimes the beauty standard gets more ridiculous until women put the most essential things aside, just to be the prettiest of the bunch. The lyrics which are sung and written in English clearly mock those who put looks above brains or attitude. These girls aren’t afraid to voice out their thoughts and opinions, among the rise of feminism is happening across the globe.

Bananach Aphrodites SingleAlbeit seemingly putting down other women in this song, Bananach insist that they are here to present feminists toughness. “This song talks about women these days whose hobby is talking about branded items, but got no space for thinking about the real stuff,” said Karina. She continues that the existence of women who worship material items concern them and this type of people are usually ignorant about other matters which are also happening around them. Bananach fuel this message with fast paced garage rock tunes combined with punk attitude that was also found on 80’s rock bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, and many more. Bananach are also known to present energetic live performance with Karina at the center stage, who often dances like she is possessed. We believe that you could dance like her too after listening to this track. With “Aphrodites”, it signifies the return of the band on the long term. Listen to the song on the band’s official Bandcamp here and you can also purchase it there.