Aminé Widelanes Jakarta ReviewAminé Dazzled The Crowd on Widelanes Festival

JAKARTA (7/25) – Ethiopian-American rapper Aminé had been nothing but a bundle of joy during his first-ever performance in Jakarta on an event called Widelanes Festival. Held during a Thursday night at Livescape, SCBD, Aminé pulled amazing stunts and managed to hype up the crowd pretty well. The venue was packed that night with enthusiastic youth who couldn’t wait to watch the performance of the “Caroline” hitmaker. First up, Indonesian rapper, Ariel Nayaka who now goes by the stage name of A. Nayaka heated up the stage with his songs. He brought collaborators and DJ who gave an A+ performance for the audience. Together, A. Nayaka and the collaborators namely Rafky and Krisna event went in an almost-crowd surfing mode. Alas, the crowd got livelier and became more excited to know what Aminé had in store for them after that fiery set of A. Nayaka.

Aminé Widelanes Jakarta Review
A. Nayaka & co.

Aminé then entered the stage after the intro of “DR. WHOEVER” was played. He showcased enough swag albeit wearing a casual looking outfit. A pair of pants, t-shirts, white sneakers and a hat were seen on him. Aminé continued to perform his next song which was “Yellow”. His most notable songs to date like “BLACKJACK”. “Heebeejeebies”, “Spice Girl” and “RATCHET SATURN GIRL” were brought by the musician effortlessly. Albeit having been known to have a keen eye on visual and design, his stage that night was rather more simple compared to his larger-than-life music videos. If you followed him since the beginning of his career, you must have known that Aminé had a huge crush on UK’s girl group, Spice Girl. Besides composing a song about them, he also covered the group’s huge hit “Wannabe”. The song was included in his setlist that night, and much to our surprise, the crowd sang along to it very loudly which proved the timelessness of the tune. “Caroline” was saved until the end before he finally closed out his set with “REEL IT IN”.

Aminé Widelanes Jakarta ReviewOverall, seeing him casually performing his songs back to back with a DJ in the background was satisfying. We thought that the minimalist stage would feel empty, but Aminé’s professionalism, showmanship, and ability to move the crowd overshadowed it. We enjoyed his performance and hoped that he made another banger soon and see you at the next Widelanes Festival!

Photographed by: Yordan Ariandy/Editor: Novita Widia