Aminé Live Performance Facts
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5 Facts About Aminé That You Should Know!

(JAKARTA) – One day from now, American singer and rapper Aminé will set his foot for the first time for a performance in Indonesia. Widelanes Festival becomes the destination for the musician to flex his performance and discography. Aminé might not be as big as hip-hop heavyweight, but his career took off to many places after his debut single “Caroline” became a viral sensation. Afterward, Aminé has performed in a late-night show on US TV, signed under Republic Records, and many more. If you haven’t known about him before seeing his concert, you might want to check out some exciting facts that will make you fall in love with his music and personality.

  1. Ethiopian/Eritrean Descent

Aminé is arguably not a popular name in the US and it was actually because his family wasn’t native to America. Coming from a family of immigrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea, his parents moved to the US in the early ’90s. Aminé then was born on April 18th, 1994 in Portland, Oregon. He was born and raised in that state until he graduated college with marketing as his major. His name has a meaning of faithfulness or loyalty and derived from Arabic/Persian language.

2. Middle name FTW!

Aminé isn’t actually the rapper/singer’s first name or surname, but it is his middle name. The 25-year-old musician’s real and full name is Adam Aminé Daniel. Considering the name Adam Daniel might not be catchy enough, we fully understand that he wanted to use Aminé as his stage name!

3. A Shoutout from Beyoncé

When “Caroline” started gaining streams left and right, the viral song has managed its way to Queen Bey’s playlist. Beyoncé featured Aminé’s song on her Instagram post when she posted a montage of video of her wearing multiple fashionable choices. This shoutout meant a lot to an aspiring musician like Aminé. Through an interview on Grammy, Aminé could not hide his excitement from getting an acknowledgment from Beyoncé. He also tweeted his gratitude towards the “XO” singer on Twitter. 

4. Politically Driven

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, a city where hip-hop or R&B acts are often overshadowed by the steady supply of indie rock/indie folk musicians, Aminé was never afraid to express his political side. During a performance at Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, he said, “You can never make America great again/All you ever did was make this country hate again.” His televised performance only happened a few days after Donald Trump won the presidential election. Coming from an immigrant family, he faced racism as an African American. Getting called the “N” word was just a few of the backlash he received. That is why the singer was very vocal to Trump’s policies that are against immigrant or discriminate a certain race. You can read his concern about US’ political state deeper through his interview with The New York Times. 

5. An Eye for Aesthetic

Have you watched the music video for “Caroline”, “Spice Girl”, or “Campfire”? Then you must have noticed Aminé’s tendency to use various pop of colors and unique setting. It was revealed that Aminé’s minor during college is graphic design. The rapper also created newspaper-style merchandise that he designed himself as an accompaniment to his debut album “Good For You” for his fans. He also directed many of the music videos that he drew the inspiration from his heritage. The musician is also known for his bold fashion choices.  “My music is colorful. The intention for it is to be good for whoever’s listening to it, and my style is good for me,” Aminé said via an interview on Billboard. “I just like wearing what I like and I can’t tone it down. I like bright shit that pops,” he continued.

With this kind of personality, music, and visual, wouldn’t you fall in love with Aminé right away? His concert brought to you by Widelanes Festival will happen tomorrow, 25th of July 2019 at Livespace, SCBD, Jakarta. The tickets have been on sale for IDR640,000 and will be available on the spot! Check out more information at @widelanes__.