Travis We The Fest 2019 Review Performance
Taken by: Narisha Zulkarnain
Travis Brought Back Our Best Teen Years Through WTF 2019 Performance

JAKARTA (7/20) – Travis isn’t an act that we’d expect to watch on We The Fest 2019 since the band hasn’t released any new material since 2016. What we remember upon hearing this name was spending hours after hours memorizing the tunes to “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” or staring the ceiling while “Closer” was playing in the background, hoping some romantic scenario was about to happen (it wasn’t). Travis was the latest headliner announced as WTF 2019’s line-up and the Scottish rock band came in full force during the second day of the annual music festival. Dominated by black wardrobe, Travis entered the stage as the last act of the day at We The Fest Stage. Francis Healy (a.k.a Fran), the frontman of Travis looked as sleek as ever with his man-bun and silver hair. They opened the set with “Side”, their 2001 hit from the album “The Invisible Band”. Most people who gathered on their stage were those who have spent their teenage years listening to the band or tried their hardest to emulate the coolness of Travis. Fran Healy’s vocal didn’t change a bit from his younger self, at that point, a stream of memories flashed back to us as more nostalgia songs were performed by the band.

Travis We The Fest 2019 Review Performance
Cr: Nareend/We The Fest 2019

Among the crowd, “Writing To Reach You”, “Re-Offender”, or “Closer” sounded so divine. Upon a huge black background with their logo placed upon the center, they managed to put music as the main attraction to their stage. It was simple, yet somehow, their tunes kept us there. As if it wouldn’t get any better, Travis decided to perform “Flowers In The Window” with an acoustic version. Fran played an acoustic guitar himself and a smile was caught on his face. Seeing this simple moment made us realize that this band really do appreciate their craft and their fans. After the enchanting “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”, Travis closed out their set with two songs from “The Man Who” album which were “Slide Show” and “Turn”. In the end, Francis Healy, Dougy Payne, Andy Dunlop, and Neil Primrose bid goodbye to the fans. They said Indonesia had been very welcoming to them and Fran even shared a detail that his wife’s great grandmother was Indonesian. Travis’ performance that night made us forget our real age, we were brought into a time machine to our teen years when our biggest problems were getting a high grade or hoping a text back from our crush. How time flew by, hope the band returned to Indonesia for their solo concert!