Alvvays Molly Rankin at We The Fest 2019 Review
Cr: Vinodii/We The Fest 2019
Our Molly Rankin’s Obsession Was Fulfilled by Alvvays at WTF 2019

JAKARTA (7/19) – Obsessing over someone isn’t healthy we supposed, but we can’t help to fall in love head over heels with Molly Rankin once Alvvays debuted with their first self-titled album in 2014. The frontwoman of the Canadian dream-pop band seemed to be a figure that is not only cool in our book but also has a sense of lovability and endearment. Founded by Molly Rankin and Kerri MacLellan who grew up as neighbors at their hometown, they created a sound that is unique to Alvvays. We have been waiting for their coming to Indonesia for so long, that we always hoped that Alvvays’ name popped up in every big festival’s line-up. We The Fest 2019 happens to be the platform for the band to deliver their first-ever performance in Indonesia and it was an opportunity that should not be missed. Performing on the first day of We The Fest 2019 at This Stage is Bananas, Alvvays raked up some of their biggest fans int the crowd. Some even went as far as bringing their DIY-poster to showcase their love to the band, especially Molly Rankin who has been an indie darling to the indie music enthusiasts.

Alvvays Molly Rankin at We The Fest 2019 Review
Taken by: Narisha Zulkarnain

Alvvays opened their set with a song called “Hey” taken from their sophomore “Antisocialites” album. Wearing a comfortable arrangement, the band then continued to perform more songs from their discography. Hit singles like “Adult Diversion”, “In Undertow”, “Plimsoll Punk”, “Dreams Tonite”, or “Archie, Marry Me” managed to make the crowd sing along. The platinum blonde frontwomen, Molly Rankin, showcased her versatility in singing and playing a musical instrument. Wearing a loose yellow and blue sweater with a pair of white shorts, she kept her performance simple yet memorable. Seeing her in flesh and all made us so emotional, it was the ‘it’ girl whose name became our ‘go-to’ in every role-playing game. It was the girl whose style we followed almost religiously. In total, there were 17 tunes on their setlist. They wrapped up their performance by bringing two of their biggest hits from the first album “Party Police” and “Next of Kin”. The experience of watching Alvvays in our city, surrounded by people who love them the same as we do was surreal. We think that we had this post-concert syndrome that doesn’t allow us to stop reminiscing about those good moments of watching them live. We’ve seen some lucky people snapping pictures with Molly, ah, she can’t be lovelier than this!

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia