Pamungkas Flying Solo Tour MalangPamungkas Brought The House Down with “Flying Solo” Tour

MALANG (6/21)Pamungkas has been a name that was frequently mentioned when we talk about rising male soloist. Two full studio albums have helped the man establish his career further in Indonesia’s music industry. When he announced a tour across 5 major cities in Java, we were stoked to see what the musician could bring to the table. He previously has performed on several occasions outside of Jakarta. Mostly it was a performance in a music festival held by a college or high school organizers. So, it was only right that he came up with a concept of his own that might cater to his idealism of live performance during his tour. Bringing a full band set, his first stop during “Flying Solo” tour was Malang. A city that always gives a warm welcome to touring musician and Pamungkas was no exception. Malang became the city where his tour tickets flew like hot cakes. It was sold out within days and albeit it was held in a relatively small space, it was still an achievement to be proud of considering he has just been in the game in the past two years. Public Lounge & Bar witnessed a stream of people flocking the venue to see Pamungkas in action that night. Before he came on stage, a local musician named Marigold warmed us up with their groovy R&B songs like “Tension”, “Addicted”, and “Cerita & Arti”.

Pamungkas Flying Solo Tour Malang

The crowd kept getting bigger and we were squeezed in to find a perfect position to capture the moment. Finally, Pamungkas who owns a record label called Mas Pam Records entered the stage wearing a navy suit with his whole band. The crowd which was mostly those in their teen years didn’t hold back in expressing their support to the melancholic soloist. Not only performing songs from his second latest album “Flying Solo”, Pamungkas also performed his debut discography. Songs like “I Love You But I’m Letting Go” up to his newest catalog like “The Retirement Of U” or “Modern Love” managed to bring certain melancholia to the whole atmosphere that night. The man also showcased his capability in playing some musical instruments while singing at the same time. He performed more or less 20 songs that night if we recalled right. To sum it up, the concert of Pamungkas on “Flying Solo” tour chapter Malang was nothing but a blast. His hustle up to this point showed that as long as you make music that you love, there are always people out there who can relate to it. We hope Pamungkas could always make music that is this genuine and come up with better live performance in later years.

Documentation: Hanif Ardhika/Editor: Novita Widia