Ultraviolence Safari Single ReviewThe Haunt Continues with Ultraviolence’s Single “Safari”

Imagine you are walking through a dark alleyway, we’re pretty sure you don’t wanna hear the single of Ultraviolence called “Safari” playing in the background because boy, it is scary. Opened with darkwave synths and repetitive guitar riffs, “Safari” leads us into more darkness with Ultraviolence’s usual spoken word-like vocals. The post-punk unit remains mysterious and unbothered with their latest release as if being in character is more important than inserting multiple layers to the song. While we see some rooms for improvement to make this track more enjoyable, “Safari” manages to become more haunting as it goes. It all thanks to the guitar riffs which plays a huge part in making this song hair-raising. Other than that, we wish that more powerful drums or bass line could be added in this song to give it more depth. “Safari” is released on a physical format in a CD-R via Heavenpunks as well as a music video which has been uploaded onto the band’s official Youtube channel.

Talking more about the content of the song, it is said that “Safari” talks about a suffering state when you feel stressed out, worried, frustrated, angry, depressed, irritable, overwhelmed, resentful or fearful. The song is in line with common elements found in poem and goth, which become two sources of inspiration for this band. In conjunction with the release of “Safari” on May 12th, Ultraviolence also announces a new member named Rizky Ramadhan who will replace the position of Torkis Waladan. In the meantime, the band is comprised of Maulana Akbar (vocal), Bayu Silalahi (bass), and Rizky Ramadhan (guitar). While they are at it, how about recruiting a drummer who breathes and lives post-punk? Just saying. Anyway, you can enjoy “Safari” with its music video below and don’t forget to place your order via Heavenpunks here. Their previous album “References” which we adore is also available for you to enjoy.