Ultraviolence References Album
Taken by @qolbysifa
Let’s Immerse on The Darkness of Ultraviolence with “References”

Upon first listen to Ultraviolence‘s song, any song really, the first word that might pop up on your head is dark. We know a few bands out there who do post-punk, but Ultraviolence eloquently translates the genre with this solid darkness that is shown on their latest album “References”. Released on CD format through Heavenpunks and cassette tapes format through Gerpfast Kolektif. Ultraviolence claim that this album is an homage to Bauhaus. Those who aren’t familiar with the post-punk genre might think that the band is a design and architecture aficionado, but fret not, Bauhaus was a post-punk band hailing from England which was formed in the late ’70s. Much like they stated on the press release, they borrow styles from post-punk bands on that particular era. The Malang based band first introduced us to their works on single “Pure” and it was a justified case since that single has catchy melodies. That led us to the whole album which was released on 6 January 2019.

Ultraviolence References Album
Artwork by Michelle Ruby

Besides “Pure”, you can also find “Into A Bolder” which they already released as a music video in 2018. Comprised of lead guitarist Torkis Waladan, singer Maulana Akbar, and bassist Bayu Silalahi, you can also taste a gothic influenced music in this album. It’s like listening to Bauhaus, The Cure, and Type O Negative at the same time. Maulana Akbar’s deep voice cut through the song with a singing-speaking style that you must be familiar with if you listen to this genre. A sense of maturity grew on us with each listen of this album. Containing 8 tracks in total, it’s hard to pick favorites. However, we love “Dolphin” and “No” so much better than the rest of the songs in this one. They utilize dynamics between the three elements as well as sounds effect to create a terrifying yet impressive gothic post-punk sounds. You can grab the physical formats of “References” through @heavenpunks or @gerpfastkolektif. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the music video of “Into a Bolder” below and the complete tracklist.

“References” Tracklist

  1. Mirror
  2. Into A Bolder
  3. No
  4. Quiet
  5. Violence
  6. Dolphin
  7. CC
  8. Pure