Java Jazz 2019Festival Guide: What to Do on Java Jazz 2019 Three Day Affair

As BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019 has been approaching fast, the annual music festival has released its final line-up and set-up for the three-day affair. Held from March 1st to 3rd, 2019 the festival is known to boast various stages that offer more than jazz as its attraction. During a press conference held yesterday (2/27) at Hotel Borobudur, Dewi Gontha as the CEO of Java Festival Production has mentioned several final preparations that are currently being done at JIExpo Kemayoran, the venue of Java Jazz Festival 2019. If this is your first time coming to Java Jazz, its 11 stages might be overwhelming for those who were used to attend 2 or 3 stages music festivals. We’re here to guide you throughout the festival, so you can enjoy your time there and savor the music to the fullest! Here we go!

  • Pick Some Shows with No Overlapping Schedule

Boasting 11 stages in total, with three special shows, you cannot watch all musicians in action. Unless if you are Naruto who uses his Kagebunshin technique, it is very possible to miss some shows especially those who have overlapping schedules. The venue for Java Jazz Festival is huge, there are many indoor and outdoor arenas that you can attend. Our best suggestion is to prepare your must-watch shows first by looking at the schedule at Java Jazz Festival’s website. If you come in groups, then it is best to have matching must-watch shows or else you’ll be separated from the flock.

Java Jazz 2019

  • Catch Special or Rare Shows Instead of Regular Ones

Have you been wanting to watch the performance of these particular foreign musicians like TOTO, Raveena, or H.E.R? Or maybe you are excited to know what the collaborations are like on this year’s edition. Per usual, JJF always prepares special collaborations from its line-up, sometimes it has been prepared and sometimes it’s spontaneous. Always observe the daily schedule listed on the venue and the website, as the organizer said, might have changed without prior notice. We have rounded up the collaborations slated to be happening tomorrow below…

  • BNI Music Project where Andien, Audrey Singgih, Aqi Singgih, Radhini, Rendy Pandugo, Teddy Adhitya will perform with Ron King Horn Section
  • Collaboration between Addie MS & Twilite Orchestra with Lea Simanjutak and GRAMMY award winner artist, Bob James who will perform Gershwin’s songs.
  • Tohpati who will perform with Sheila Majid in full band format with acoustic concept
  • Dewa Budjana who will be accompanied by a bassist from India, Mohini Dey and Indonesian singer Soimah
  • Harvey Malaihollo who will play with Ashira Zamita, Mikha Tambayong and Yotari in 1 stage together and sing Motown
  • Collaboration between the fresh young artist Nima Ilayla and Michael Manson
  • Collaboration project of MLDJAZZPROJECT Season 1-3 with Adrian Khaif, Adikara Fardy and Iwa K
  • Sony Music Project, a project consisting of Jaz, Ardhito Pramono and Rendy Pandugo
  • Warner Music Project which filled with young artists such as Andini, Hanin Dhiya, Rahmania Astrini and Trisouls
  • Yamaha Music Project, a project where Rossa, Is Pusakata and Rinni Wulandari will perform songs arranged by Ronald Steven.
  • Barry Likumahuwa Tribute to Roy Hargrove
  • Harvey Mason “A Tribute to Aretha” featuring Dira Sugandi
  •  Tribute to Dian Pramana Poetra (Deddy Dhukun, Dewi Gita, Dwiki Dharmawan, Ita Purnamasari, Mus Mujiono, Trie Utami & Dian HP, Vina Panduwinata, Yuni Shara and Yopi Latul)

Java Jazz 2019

  • Hydrate and Stay Full

It is impossible to roam around the huge venue without being hydrated and well-fed. As Dewi Gontha said at the press conference, you can find F & B tenants inside the arena. As BNI become the main sponsor of the festival, BNI cardholders might have a slight benefit for its F&B purchase. BNI prepares TapCash vending machines will be placed in this year’s BNI Java Jazz Festival area, so you can purchase and top-up your fund without the hassle of getting in and out of the venue. We suggest you to at least got some TapCash with enough fund on it to buy enough drinks and food to keep your health in its prime. You can get free Teh Botol Sosro and special discounts for souvenirs ranging from 10% for BNI cardholders with terms and conditions applied.


  • Buy The Tickets Online for Better Convenience

One of the main problems of a music festival which gathers a huge crowd is having to queue. If you haven’t bought the daily pass or 3-day pass tickets to the festival already, we suggest you buy it through Traveloka which is the official JJF’s ticketing partner this year. This will simplify your step to watch your favorite musicians and make a more seamless experience in buying tickets. Psst, today is the last day for you to enjoy a 25% discount for your Java Jazz Festival 2019’s tickets using Traveloka’s PayLater feature. Get on it!

Java Jazz 2019

  • Remember to Have Fun and Respect Others!

At last, you have made it a long way to attend this festival despite getting stuck in a traffic jam or other setbacks. Remember to have fun by taking lots of pictures on the available photo spots. As some sponsors have prepared special interactive booths, you can get special souvenirs or unforgettable experience from them. Remember to obey the rules applied by the festival and don’t bring harmful objects that might disturb others’ well being or convenience. Enjoy Java Jazz Festival 2019!