The Adams Umumkan AGTERPLAAS Album“Masa-Masa” Returns The Adams to Their Glory Days

Remember a time circa 2000-ish when you play The Adams‘ song out loud on your speakers while getting ready to school? “Masa-Masa” brings back exactly those feelings as it is a new number which was released by the band ahead of their “Agterplaas” album. Often deemed as a nostalgia band by their fans who grew up listening to the songs, The Adams actually embody the nostalgia element by infusing the roaring 80’s. On “Masa-Masa”, we could clearly listen to an 80s influence starting from its guitar, synths, bass, as well as overall melodies. Imagine Electric Light Orchestra combined with Van Halen, Tears for Fears, and a little bit of Journey. The refrain on “Masa-Masa” even resembles the intro guitar part of Van Halen’s most famous track “Jump”. The energizing song begins with a twirling guitar paired with Ario Hendrawan’s vocals. Last time The Adams put out a single “Pelantur” last year, Ale took turn in the vocal department, so hearing Ario’s voice once again is a true nostalgia for longtime listeners. Masa-Masa The Adams Single

The song bears the meaning of ups and downs that were experienced by best friends, starting from their high school days up until now. Harmonizations of vocal still happen in this song, further retaining The Adams’ characteristics. We thoroughly enjoy this song from the start to finish, there is no one bit that we would change. “Masa-Masa” was recorded at Studio Teras Belakang and Kamar Aryo, and self-released through Belakang Teras Records. The Adams has also released the official lyrics video for this single, further heightening our anticipation of their upcoming album “Agterplaas” which is planned to be released in March. A showcase event will also be happening on March 6th, that you can participate in if you have bought the boxset for “Agterplaas”. Further information regarding their showcase, boxset, and “Agterplaas” can be found here. Take a listen to “Masa-Masa” on digital streaming services and enjoy its lyrics video as well below. Welcome back Ario Hendarwan, Saleh Husein, Gigih Suryoprayogo and Pandu Fathoni!