Kafin Sulthan Karena Cintamu Single
Kafin Sulthan
Music Prodigy Kafin Sulthan Revealed A Jazz Number “Karena Cintamu”

What did you do when you were 13 of 14? If going to the malls and refusing to do your homework was on the list, then don’t be surprised to know what Kafin Sulthan does at his age right now. The musician/pianist hailing from Bandung has finished his high school degree at only 13 while doing music and acting on the side. As the list isn’t impressive enough, Kafin Sulthan has released his debut single called “Karena Cintamu” on digital streaming service a while ago. Dedicating this song as an homage for his beloved mother Beby Irwani, the song is an easy listening jazz number that relies heavily on piano and string section.

The child actor who played a role on “Laskar Pelangi” theatrical show and “Keluarga Cemara” movie collaborated with Irsa Destiwi who worked on the string arrangement for “Karena Cintamu”. As a debut single in Indonesia, this song might have lacked some elements like catchy melodies or romantic topics (which might relate to a wider audience in Indonesia). Kafin and his team play it safe by picking an age-appropriate topic for his debut single, which is so rare to see in our country nowadays. However, as we wait for Kafin’s vocals to settle and grow in the following years, it is nice to know what he has to offer in the future. We would love to hear him play the dynamics within his lower register, instead of belting too many high notes that might strain his vocals later on.Kafin Sulthan Karena Cintamu Single

Released under iCanStudioLive (iCSL), this song was released in three formats, which are trio plus 12 piece string format, trio format, and vocal-less format. Each form offers a unique arrangement on its own and we can see how capable Kafin Sulthan in composing melodies and dynamics. Given more time to develop his skills and fanbase, Kafin is slated to become the next sensation in jazz following his counterpart Joey Alexander. Also, he got the help of legendary musicians like Taufan Goenarso (drum) and Barry Likumahuwa (acoustic bass) on “Karena Cintamu”, so he is on the right hands. Listen to “Karena Cintamu” on digital streaming services below.