GELORANADA - Maliq & D'EssentsialsGroovy Night Ended with a Bang on GELORANADA

JAKARTA (2/4) – GELORANADA was successfully held last night at The Pallas, SCBD. Boasting groovy line-up consisting of Teza Sumendra, RAN, Maliq & D’essentials, and Diskoria, the event was packed with millenials and those who have just come from their office. We saw some celebrities attending the event as well including Bunga Citra Lestari, Ashraf Sincalir, Galabby Thahira, and many more. For its first edition, GELORANADA picked “Grooves on A Plate” as its theme. It presented groovy soulful tunes to the attendees to enjoy and dance to. Commencing a few minutes past 9 in the evening, Teza Sumendra opened the whole celebration with his soulful tunes. His numbers included his hit singles like “I Want You Love”, “If I Could Love Again” and many more.


Rayi, Asta, and Nino from RAN then graced the stage wih their cheerful presence. Their dynamics warmed up the whole venue that welcomed more concertgoers as the night grew darker. The crowd didn’t hesitate to sing along to their songs as well, proving their immense popularity among the attendees. The long awaited Maliq & D’essentials then became the third performer last night. Wearing denim based outfit, the group grooved in unison. Some romantic moments emerged among the crowd when the band brought their love songs. They managed to heat up the dancefloor with some energetic numbers.


Last but not least, Diskoria wrapped up the groovy party with their music selection. The duo heightened the tension among the attendees, and we daresay that during Diskoria’s performance, GELORANADA hit its all-time high moment. Besides music as its main selling point, there were some interactive photo booths that people could use to take group pics. The concert was warm and groovy, just like what they promised earlier. The office workers who rushed there to catch their favorite performers seemed satisified with the whole agenda. We could not wait to watch another thematic concert presented by GELORANADA in the future!

Reporter & Documentation: Bianda Budiyanti