Taking Back Sunday ROCK N SOUND ReportTaking Back Sunday Brought Back Our Old-School Emo Feels on ROCK N’ SOUND

JAKARTA (1/23) – This is it, the pinnacle of our existence as an emo kid. We watched Taking Back Sunday performing their songs from the old and new album during ROCK N’ SOUND which was held on Wednesday, 23rd of January, 2019. Having toured across Australia since early January to promote their album and celebrate their 20th anniversary, Taking Back Sunday finally greeted their Indonesia fans at Tennis Indoor Senayan. Promoted by MyWill Entertainment, the concert which was officially titled ROCK N’ SOUND also invited PADI Reborn and The S.I.G.I.T on stage. They warmed us up before we sang our hearts out loud to TBS songs. With a not-so-crowded but tight audience, Tennis Indoor Senayan turned into a flooding zone of tears once Taking Back Sunday opened their set with “You Know How I Do”. Adam Lazarra, John Nolan, Mark O’Connell, and Shaun Cooper gave a warm smile and said hi to the audience who were mostly in their mid or late 20’s. We could feel that almost all the people who turned up that night spent most of their teenage days listening to this band. All the songs from “Tell All Your Friends” were sung that night and the crowd didn’t hesitate to sing along. Most people recorded TBS’ performance on their mobile phones, in which Adam addressed it on stage.

Instead of getting annoyed by this gesture, he said that it was understandable that the fans wanted to record their performance on their phones since they’ve been waiting for so long for their coming to Indonesia. FYI, Taking Back Sunday was scheduled to perform here nine years ago, but due to unforeseen circumstance, it was canceled. These Long Island natives went on playing their newer songs like “All Ready To Go” which you can find on their album “Twenty”. In total, there were 22 songs that they played that night. Albeit not as young as they used to be, they didn’t seem to be tired or drained out by the long setlist. Supported by a magnificent set of lighting and sound, their songs resonated well inside the venue. Their performance lasted until midnight, and as they departed the stage, some fans shouted encore. Due to time limitation, they weren’t able to meet the demand, but as a long time Taking Back Sunday’s fans, we were pretty damn sure satisfied by their concert. We only wish that the security could be tighter so the fans could stay on their designated categories. Overall, the show reminded us that once you went emo, you can’t let go. Taking Back Sunday ROCK N SOUND Report

Reporter & Documentation: Putra Vibrananda/Editor: Novita Widia