The Kid Who Would Be King ReviewReview: “The Kid Who Would Be King” Presents Fresh and Light Comedy

Coming with little expectation before we watched “The Kid Who Would Be King” on its press screening, we would say that we were completely taken by surprise. “The Kid Who Would Be King” was inspired by the legendary story of King Arthur. It was a mythological character hailing from the Kingdom Camelot. The story that Joe Cornish read as a child, drove him to write the script of this movie. Alex (Dean Chaumoo) was a regular elementary student that might read too much fictional story. He got bullied pretty often by his schoolmates, until he found a magical sword called Excalibur. Initially thought that it was a joke, Alex found himself gaining power he hasn’t possessed before. People said that power comes with responsibility, so Alex now must find a way to save the world from enchantress Morgana. Former enemies, closest friends, and wizard Merlin must band their strength together under the command of King Alex.

The Kid Who Would Be King Review

The movie that we first thought to be cliché, was proven to be a lot of fun. Combining seasoned actors and newcomers, “The Kid Who Would Be King” isn’t only enjoyable to watch for kids, but also all ages. The jokes that were thrown here and there during the movie were light. The viewers shouldn’t think twice or interpret the meaning of the jokes further. Besides Alex who played the central role, young Merlin who is played by Angus Imrie caught our attention. It might be a bit predictable, but generally, it was a great experience. It also has a great moral of the story that reminds you that old wisdom might still live until today. “The Kid Who Would Be King” is currently playing in theaters across Indonesia. You might want to watch adventurous film with your friends or families.

The Kid Who Would Be King Review
Enchantress Morgana

Reviewer: Prasetya Ardhana/Editor: Novita Widia