Niskala Hourglass Album
Credit: @rifandiyoki
Niskala Reveal First Full-Length Album “Hourglass”

Yogyakarta’s post-rock unit, Niskala, has been in the music industry for 4 years. Despite their lengthy stay, this band has never released a full-length album but it has changed with the release of “Hourglass”. Damar Puspito (bass), Danish Wisnu (synth), Danar Puspito (guitar), Inderajaya (drum), and Daniel Bagas (guitar) created 9 tracks for this album. The whole album that lasts more than 41 minutes wraps up Niskala’s journey whether as a whole or individually. Available only on physical format at the moment, the record was released under Trauma Irama Records, an indie label based in Yogyakarta who also releases records from Melancholic Bitch. Visually, we daresay that the CD and its package is one of the best physical releases that we saw this year. The CD is inserted into a book, which was printed on a hard paperback cover, using deboss technique for its cover and printed on golden hotpront. It is simple, elegant, yet classy, which accentuates Niskala’s clean post-rock aura further.

Niskala Hourglass AlbumSince we cannot listen to the records and has no idea how it sounds like without any proof, there is a little album snippet in a form of an audiovisual that you can watch on their Youtube channel. Judging solely by that, and previous singles that are put out by Niskala, their sounds include xylophones, rapid drums, twinkly guitar, and various sound effects that encapsulates the ups and downs of the melodies. Since Niskala is an instrumental piece, a photographer named Bram (@bramsky) visualized each single in his photographs. They were all printed on the 26-page book that becomes an official album sleeve for Niskala’s “Hourglass”. The album was also launched on the day of the band’s 4th anniversary. You can get the album by placing your order through WhatsApp at +6823 3551 2757. Enjoy the little snippet and listen to previous singles like “Legacy of The Moon” and “Alana” as well.

“Hourglass” Tracklist

  • Alana
  • Captured Trails
  • Commemorate
  • Crimnson Autumn
  • Kneel and Pray
  • Legacy of the Moon
  • Phantasma
  • Seing the Unseen
  • Vow