Niskala Legacy of The MoonPeek Yogyakarta’s Post Rock Scene through Niskala’s Single “Legacy of The Moon”

During our (short) existence as a platform to display the current trends in independent music, we rarely receive songs or creation from a post rock band based in Yogyakarta. When Niskala‘s mail arrived in our inbox, we were intrigued to check it out and we decided to give it a chance. Their song called “Legacy of The Moon” was actually released in 2016, but recently the single has been turned into a beautiful visual with the help of Pure Love Cinema, a creative collective based in Yogyakarta. The song is an instrumental piece which mostly accentuates its twinkly guitar sound. It is not an in your face post-rock track, it’s rather mellow and gives a friendliness that we could easily relate. The single also does not have a long duration like the usual post rock track. However, in some parts the tempo of the various instruments seem to be quite untidy. The video on the other hand, is set in a dark and gloomy tone using forest, animals, and a figure of woman to represent the music. It is symbolic and it is very open to any interpretation so we might as well leave it be.

Moreover, the single has been played in some gigs beforehand. The decision to turn it into a music video becomes one of their realization in 2017. Niskala collaborated with Dhania Henrietha as the main model of the video. It marks the first music video of the band which was formed in 2014. The song is said to be an imaginative track that encourages the listeners to imagine about an outer space. The band is the side project of FSTVLST’s drummer Danis. With other four members which are Damar (bass), Danar (guitar), Doro (drum), Daniel (guitar) and Danis himself (acoustic guitar and synthesizer) plan to reveal their full-lenght debut album later this year. Watch the music video of “Legacy of The Moon” by Niskala below.