Abenk Alter Interplay ExhibitionTwo Sides of Abenk Alter Are Visible Through “Interplay” Exhibition

JAKARTA (12/14) – Most people in Indonesia have known Abenk Alter as a musician. Having worked in the entertainment industry for so long, Abenk Alter recently involved himself in art. He presents a solo exhibition called “Interplay” at RUCI Artspace to showcase his duality. What he meant as duality is two identities which reside within himself, an identity of Abenk Alter as a public figure, and a true identity of himself as a human. These two seemingly similar but different identities of oneself are the theme that Abenk is going to explore more on his latest solo exhibition. Through a media preview that was held a day prior to the opening, we had a chance to interview the artists to know more about his motivation in creating the pieces that are curated by Mia Maria. Mia Maria said that Abenk’s style has caught her attention, especially as a pop urban culture’s enthusiast. His style of combining bold lines with colors, that could form an abstract or apparent object has a strong magnet that could pull the attention of the onlookers.

Abenk Alter Interplay ExhibitionBecoming a self-taught artist and coming from a non-artist background didn’t hinder Abenk Alter’s interest in art. “Abenk’s works can relate to nowadays’ culture and people,” said Mia Maria, the curator during an interview. Choosing to present his works through black and white, Abenk Alter also incorporate paintings, drawings, installation, and sound. “This process led me to the discussion of duality, a topic that was reflected and responded by the work, between validity and identity,” said Abenk. Through Interplay, Abenk Alter and Mia Maria wanted the public to see the benefits and meanings of his works. Unconsciously, his works correlate between one another. While stating that characteristics cannot be artificially created, we got to see his true style on “Interplay” which will be divided into two exhibitions, the technicality, and content. The exhibition is open for public from 14 December to 27 January 2019 at RUCI Art Space. For more information, get to know more about the exhibition and Abenk Alter here.

Abenk Alter Interplay Exhibition
Abenk Alter with Mia Maria

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor & Translator: Novita Widia