Abenk Alter "Aura"Abenk Alter Dedicates A New Single, “Aura”, for His Daughter

Being a father opens a whole new chapter for singer Abenk Alter and he decided to create something special for his beloved daughter, Aura Suri, with a song titled after her “Aura”. This is his first single after releasing his debut album in 2014 called “Selamat Datang”. The song has previously been included in a compilation album by Organics Records called “#PopHariIni” that also features another musicians such as Maliq & D’essentials, White Shoes & The Couples Company, Lala Karmela, Kunto Aji, Barasuara, HiVi, Mocca, and LaidThisNite. The single captures honesty and affection from Abenk Alter towards his daughter and it feels like falling in love once again. “It started from the first memory of seeing and holding my first daughter, Aura Suri, a year ago. Since then, my view towards “love at first sight” changed. Plus the journey of the long struggle that I and my wife have to undergo to conceive Aura Suri, through various medical procedures and then (we) succeeded with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) program,” unveils Abenk.

Abenk Alter "Aura" That precious moment was then transformed into a beautiful song that he made with Randy MP. The beat has a groovy tinge to it, paired with guitar, synth, flute, and bass to make it a fine arranged song that delivers smoothly through your ears. The artwork also has a blurred up picture of Aura Suri and in the end you could hear a precious baby’s laugh in the song. Abenk Alter plans to release the song digitally through his label Seven Music and he hopes to be able to share his unforgettable experience that he feels with the listeners. The music video for “Aura” has been made in conjunction with Aura Suri’s birthday this last June 18th 2016. Watch the video below and buy the single on iTunes.