Indra Aziz For Good AlbumA Pleasant Surprise from Indra Aziz with Fusion Jazz Album “For Good”

Indra Aziz has been a household name in Indonesia’s music industry. His gold hands in handling some of the most underseasoned vocalists is a testament of his ability as a vocal coach. Fifteen years after he began his career, he reveals his debut album called “For Good” in 2018. Through a press release, Indra said that his true passion lays in performing on stage, so this album has been long overdue. Consisting of 8 tracks in total, some of the songs in this album were composed and recorded a long time ago before finally seeing the light of the day. In this album, Indra Aziz who is known to be a male jazz vocalist combines several music genres with jazz as its core. The singer who owns a popular Youtube channel called VokalPlus inserted lots of music variations in this album starting from Samba or Brazillian taste on its opening track “Come Love”. You can clearly tell the Bossanova ambiance through its percussion on the background. It is said that the lyrics on this one also pays tribute to jazz legends, Miles Davis and Gene Krupa.

Indra Aziz For Good AlbumIndra Aziz also showcases his soulful rendition on three songs in this album namely “Give Love”, “Spread The Love”, and “Get Love”. The album is then completed with a more contemporary take on jazz with the last three songs that he composed. “Livin’ It Up” for example, bears an urban jazzy feel, accompanied by flutes and R&B vocal style. Acting as the main producer of this album, Indra Aziz co-produced the last three tacks with seasoned vocal producer, Irvan Na. Albeit only releasing his solo album recently, Indra Aziz has known to release singles in 2006, 2013, and 2014. Besides showing his nice tones and range, Indra Aziz also doesn’t shy in doing scatting, a popular vocal style in jazz that he does in several songs in “For Good” album. Our favorites are “Come Love”, “Traveller” that has a bluesy tone to it, as well as “Livin’ It Up”. The album is available to be streamed on digital streaming services, and you can also listen to his past projects including his participation on “Tiga Dara” compilation album.