Bedchamber Natural Music VideoCheerleading with Bedchamber’s Video for “Natural”

Not in a lifetime, we would associate Bedchamber with cheerleading, but somehow it happens on the video of “Natural”. Their latest single which was taken from the album “Geography” was just released a couple of days ago on Kolibri Rekords’ official Youtube channel. This becomes the second music video of Bedchamber from this album after they released “Moon”. The video was directed by Henry Foundation and it’s unlike the usual storytelling videos that Bedchamber used to display on older videos. The video started off normal, with the band playing in a circle on a black backdrop. Albeit Ariel Kaspar’s departure to study overseas a while ago was announced, we could still see the drummer participate in this video since it was shot prior to his leaving. “Natural” sees Bedchamber turning down their reverb game a notch, so that usual lo-fi dream-pop ambiance isn’t present much here. Instead, the post-punk vibe feels stronger on this one, making the overall tune sounds gloomier and more mysterious.

Bedchamber Natural Music VideoMore about the video, a bunch of cacti (red: plural terms for cactus) was placed in the middle of the band making them like its devoted worshippers. Their wardrobe follows Bedchamber’s album visual which is dominated by yellow, red, and green. It was also shown on several items like bags, socks, flags and of course, the cheerleading outfit. Two cheerleaders join them to present a simple choreography that ends with a hand sign that forms an “N” to signify “Natural”, we guess? Even though it was shot on a dark background, the use of lighting, shadows, and finished editings made this video feels warm. The combination of random objects, living organism, and gestures make “Natural” video contain multi-interpretation. Judging by the lyrics, they inserted very cryptic and metaphoric sentences that could be interpreted differently by each listener as well. So, how would you interpret this “Natural” video? Watch it and leave us a comment below.