Bedchamber Ride Thailand TourBedchamber Reveal Another Banger “Ride” + Announce Thailand Tour

The indie rock quartet hailing from Jakarta, Bedchamber, are taking a little bit of post-punk and psychedelic influence on their latest release “Ride”. The song is the second single from their forthcoming album “Geography”. Beforehand, the band also released their first single “Out of Line” which boasts repetitive and catchy lyrics building up over a dream pop tunes. This time, the band sounds more rock than ever with “Ride” that builds up to a climax towards the end. From the beginning, we are already hooked with the melodies the guitar offers and we’re in for a ‘ride’ with this song. The ending part of the song is filled with dramatic solo guitar that will send you into a trance and we’re sure this will be perfect to be performed live. If you wonder why they released this number, it’s because they are also announcing an upcoming tour in Thailand. Starting from 25 January, their trip to Thailand will last until 27 January 2017. They are slated to perform on three shows there. First up, they’ll perform at Mahasarakham, followed by a performance at Ayutthaya and finally a closing show as their main destination there at Bangkok.

Bedchamber Ride Thailand TourAt the capital city of Thailand, Bedchamber will perform at the annual indie pop, indie rock and shoegaze music festival called Pow! Festival on its 3rd edition. On Saturday, 27 January 2018, the band comprised of Ratta, Smita, Abi and Ariel will take the stage alongside Mitsume and I Saw You Yesterday, from Japan. Thailand’s own representatives like Seal Pillow, Folk Nine and Wave and So are all confirmed to showcase their music there as well. Those local acts are reportedly will perform with Bedchamber on their two previous shows in Thailand too. This tour marks the return of this much loved indie rock act from Kolibri Records. As it is only the first chapter of their tour for “Geography”, you should stay tuned to the band’s social media for their latest updates. “Geography” will be out on 27 February via their record label, Kolibri Records. Listen to their first two singles from this album on digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube or Bandcamp.