Rocking The Region from Indonesian BandsIndo Rising on Singapore’s “Rocking The Region” Music Festival!

SINGAPORE – Performing abroad has always been an honor for any Indonesian musicians and the line-up of Singapore’s annual ‘Rocking The Region’ music festival is the latest testament of our musical prowess. The festival which happens for two weeks starting from November 2nd to 11th boasted lots of musicians hailing from Southeast Asia region. This edition, in particular, features several household names like Elephant Kind, Polka Wars, Secret Meadow, Bedchamber, Gizpel, and Grrrl Gang. The 10th edition of Rocking The Region is held at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Other than the whopping six bands from Indonesia, there are also Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thai acts that will perform there as well. In conjunction with their scheduled performance in this event, Bedchamber, Gizpel, and Grrrl Gang which belong under Kolibri Rekords are ready to present their music for the second time in Singapore after they have visited the country back in July.

Heartfelt #3 A Gig Full of Warmth and Sweat
Grrrl Gang

Gizpel and Bedchamber are slated to take the stage on Monday, November 5th, 2018 at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Bedchamber will perform their debut album “Geography” on two different sets at 7 and 9 PM respectively. While Gizpel will debut their new live format after releasing a double single “No Surrender” at 8 PM. Grrrl Gang will present on Tuesday, 6 November 2018 at 7 and 9 PM local time. They are currently embarking on a tour to promote their debut album “Not Sad, Not Fulfilled” and “Rocking The Region” becomes one of their tour stops. Secret Meadow will perform on November 10th and 11th. While both Elephant Kind and Polka Wars have finished their performances on November 2nd and 3rd respectively. All the shows for this event are for free, so if you happen to be in Singapore around this time, feel free to catch their performances on Rocking The Region. For more information and the full line-up, head to Esplanade Theater’s official website here. Rocking The Region from Indonesian Bands