Novo Amor Birthplace Album
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Novo Amor Reveals Eco-Friendly Debut Album “Birthplace”

We’ve never seen so much effort put into an album whether in its whole concept and execution quite like Novo Amor did with his debut album “Birthplace”. Gaining fame in the past few years for his sentimental approach, he raised concern about plastic waste with his single “Birthplace”. Written and recorded in the home studio of Ali Lacey (the Welsh multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer behind the moniker of Novo Amor), the album contains 10 tracks that boast melancholy as well as reflection towards human’s inner relation to mother nature. As stated on the press release, Novo Amor chose sustainability as the main core of this album. It is pretty transparent if you have witnessed the music video for “Birthplace” that raised awareness about plastic pollution on the ocean that endangers the lives of marine wildlife. The magnificent video which was shot in Thailand won various acclamations from environment-friendly organizations such as Greenpeace and Plastic Oceans & Surfers Against Sewage as well as awards from AIM Awards for Best Video category.

On an exclusive interview we did with Ali himself, “Birthplace” aims to evoke thoughts from the listeners that would be able to reconsider their personal relationships with plastic and the harm that’s being done to the planet. The effort didn’t stop by instilling messages on its music and videos, Novo Amor went as far as making a conscious decision on the production of the album’s vinyls that used recycled vinyl pellets that are cut from other records. While for the CD, it is packaged in a soft cardboard packaging instead of using plastic jewel case that is often used in the conventional way. The paper for the album sleeve is also made out of recycled papers, making this album one of the most eco-friendly records on the planet. He has also been working with two UK charities, Julie’s Bicycle and Energy Revolution, in order to help minimizing waste during shows or tour dates that Novo Amor will embark later on. As far as the music goes, you will find yourself at ease while listening to “Birthplace”. Below is the full tracklist of the records and you can also stream or purchase it on digital streaming services via AllPoints.

Novo Amor Birthplace Album
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‘Birthplace’ Tracklisting:

  1. Emigrate
  2. Birthplace
  3. Utican
  4. Seneca
  5. Anniversary
  6. 13494
  7. State Lines
  8. Sleepless
  9. Repeat Until Death
  10. Oh, Round Lake