Summer Us Now Festival Punchnello
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Punchnello & Rheehab Are Ready to Headline Summer Us Now Fest This Weekend!

BANDUNG – After much teasing and waiting, finally this weekend we’ll be able to witness Punchnello and Rheehab on the stage of Summer Us Now Festival. The newest music festival in Bandung happens on September 29th, 2018 at Arcamanik Raya Golf & Country Club Bandung. Becoming the latest addition to Bandung’s never-ending creative platform, the festival aims to gather all music enthusiasts in one event. The organizer behind this event stated that the most important theme of this festival is how the genres from the guests vary between one another. Blending music, art, and culture, Korean rappers Punchnello and Rheehab become the headliners for this festival. The party doesn’t stop there, as other artists from other countries like The Ransom Collective from the Philippines and City of The Sun from the US are scheduled to perform as well. Ranging from hip-hop, pop, indie rock, folk and electronic, Summer Us Now promises a unique experience of discovering new music.

Summer Us Now Festival PunchnelloFrom the local line-up, there will be Mantra Vutura x Rayssa Dynta, Wake Up Iris!, Rubah di Selatan, Ikkubaru, Juicy Luicy, and Peonies. A collaboration between labelmates Mantra Vutura and Rayssa Dynta who both signed under Double Deer Records will take place during the one-day festival. Albeit coming from the same label, the sounds from these two differ greatly with Mantra Vutura focusing on its tribal techno tunes and Rayssa Dynta on her electro-pop aura. Folk rising star, Wake Up Iris! will present their Scandinavian inspired tunes taken from the album “A U R E O L E”. Rubah Di Selatan from Yogyakarta add this festival to their latest milestone after performing at another prolific festival, Soundrenaline 2018. City pop sensation Ikkubaru will melt your hearts with their catchy tunes. Can’t it get more pop? Yes, it can and it all thanks to Juicy Lucy. Lastly, Peonies will stun you with their eclectic wardrobe choice. The tickets can be purchased on the site or online, with two categories available. Get a cheaper price for Early Entry that costs iDR249,000 and the General Admission costs IDR449,000. For more information, head to Summer Us Now Festival’s Instagram and website.