Johnny English Strikes ReviewReview: “Johnny English Strikes Again” Shows Rowan Atkinson’s Usual Antics

The third installment of British funniest spy, Johnny English has arrived and it is officially titled “Johnny English Strikes Again”. Starring yet again Rowan Atkinson to reprise his iconic role, the movie started off with the UK that was facing a dangerous situation. A breach on its security system got all top spies’ identities exposed to the public. Unveiling the perpetrator using an active agent is impossible, so the only option was to utilize retired or old agents and there was none except Johnny English. This particular retired spy, who had another job as a teacher must sacrifice his current role, in order to save his country. He found the new protocols and rules fascinating and a bit confusing, so we were able to witness his clumsiness and awkwardness of using advanced technology like Virtual Reality. Johnny English faced an enemy that he never encountered before, in a field that he didn’t master. The old-school spy must track the footprints that were left by his enemy which led him to travel to France. As usual, English’s trip to another country presented a hilarious situation.

Johnny English Strikes ReviewDirected by David Kerr, those who have followed this series since the beginning must find the jokes familiar. It might bore the old fans, but the new audience might find it funny especially those who miss Rowan Atkinson’s acting. Whether you’re the old or new audience, one thing for sure is the plot for “Johnny English Strikes Again” is too predictable. The premise didn’t derive too far from the usual pattern and we found it a little bit disappointing that there was no surprise or twist in it. There were some cringe-worthy moments as well that we thought might be better if the scenes were cut. On the positive side, we got to see Johnny’s life outside of his espionage routine. This movie is suitable for those who are looking for a light humor, without getting too absorbed in its plot. The movie is now being screened at midnight and will be screened regularly starting from next week.

Reviewer: Prasetya Ardhana/Editor: Novita Widia