Coldiac TARA SingleReview: Heavy R&B Influence Caught on “TARA”, New Single from Coldiac

Talking about Coldiac doesn’t only stop with their music and achievements, the visuals in every era is worth noting and it’s no exception for their latest single called “TARA”. As they ensure the visuals starting with the teasers, music video, and artwork for “TARA” are on point, they haven’t made a statement about its music, so this is where The Display chime in. Listening upon this song for the first time, the image of The 1975’s knock-off that clearly presented on their debut album vanished. Coldiac clearly knows their strength and weakness, and if the first one isn’t enough to satisfy some critics heavyweight out there, “TARA” will prove you otherwise. This time, the band toned down their electro-pop vibe and amped up the R&B influence. The beats that become the main layer of the whole song is formed by clap and snare which is usually used for hip-hop or R&B beats. The gospel choir, organs, and light piano only add more reason to acknowledge the R&B roots of this song. The guitar and Sambadha’s airy vocals give “TARA” its urban pop edge. Near the three minute mark, the song presents its twist with lo-fi hip-hop vibe and muted drum beats, it reminds us a bit of what Gallant does on his intro songs. As their album is about to drop soon (they might go Beyoncé on this one), we can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us.

Coldiac TARA Single
Artwork for TARA

Now, let’s talk about the visual as we would like to deliver our sincerest praise to Bhima Bagaskara, the man behind all Coldiac’s visual. “TARA” sees Coldiac’s new colors which look like a volcano color palette. Their old cold-tone is now turned into warm, flaming, and more captivating direction but at the same time, more sorrowful. The music video for “TARA” was directed by  Wahyu Taufani Prialangga who also directed their “Wreck This Journal” video. It talks about regret as well as a come-up solution to never ever regret comes in the way for you to live your fullest life. As this band is comprised mostly by those in their 20’s, they poured out their worries and stated that you can never turn back time, so why not go on and enjoy your life while it exists. Sambadha Wahyadyatmika (vocal, guitar), Mahatamtama Arya Adinegara (vocal, guitar), Derry Rith Haudin (synth, keys), Bhima Bagaskara (bass), Judha Widhita (drum) also presented something special in this video as they include their family members in it. You can spot Sambadha and Judha’s father act as the lead role on the music video. Coldiac recently got nominated as best R&B duo/collaboration/group/vocal group on AMI Awards 2018 as well. Without further ado, enjoy “TARA” with your eyes and ears below.