Dialog Dini Hari Taiwan Pasiwali Festival 2018Dialog Dini Hari Will Mark Their 1st Performance in Taiwan at Pasiwali Festival

Dialog Dini Hari will follow the footsteps of their musician peers like Bottlesmoker, Stars and Rabbit, Efek Rumah Kaca and lightcraft to perform abroad. It has been confirmed through a press release that the Denpasar’s folk trio comprised of Brozio Orah, Dadang Pranoto, and Deny Surya will taste their first ever international stage in Taiwan. They are slated to perform in a Taiwanese music festival called Taiwan Pasiwali Festival this weekend. Being held for two consecutive days, from 3 – 4 August 2018 at Taitung Forest Park, this festival is known as Taitung’s aboriginal music festival. According to Taiwan News, the festival which means “heading east” in the Amis language aims to celebrate the musical and cultural legacy of the indigenous Aboriginal people. Previously held at Kaohsiung and Taoyuan, the festival will see performances not only from natives but also acts from other countries. Musicians from Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia (France), Guinea (Africa), and Japan will take the turn to entertain the visitors of this festival.

Dialog Dini Hari Taiwan Pasiwali Festival 2018Taiwanese top performers like Pur-dull (陳建年), Amis singer A-Lin, ABAO, BOXING, and MATZKA are confirmed to play their sets there. They will be joined by other 6 emerging talents from Taiwan, as well as other exciting programs like film screening, food and beverage bazaar, workshop and art exhibition. Held by Taiwan Colors Music Co, ltd, a record label who is also an active concert promoter and supported by Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Pasiwali Festival is hoped to be held again next year. Dialog Dini Hari is scheduled to take the stage there on Sunday, 4 August 2018 at 17.50 local time. Hopefully, Indonesians who reside in Taiwan will give their support to this folk unit who has released a new single called “Sediakala” a while ago. To get more information about this festival, you can go straight ahead to their official Facebook page.