Bayangan Indonesia Tour 2018Malaysian Folk Unit, Bayangan to Embark on A Tour Across Indonesia

As a neighboring country, we often see a musical exchange in various forms and one of them is touring to each other’s country. Malaysian folk unit called Bayangan is ready to promote their music to Indonesia starting from August. Bayangan is an alter ego which was founded by Fikri Fadzil, a neo-folk artist slash singer/songwriter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His music touches varying degrees of a humanist topic, starting from personal, interpersonal, as well as societal relationship. The urban and contemporary Malaysian way of living encouraged Bayangan to write songs from some phenomenon he felt, saw, and observed. His debut single “Kuala Lumpur” that was released in 2016 received praises and acclamation from a renowned outlet like JuiceMY. It was also used as a soundtrack for Vans Malaysia documentary video called “Demi: A Pa’din Musa Documentary”. Fast forward to 2018, Bayangan finally reveals its debut album “Bersendirian Berhad” which features an intense and rare folk music.

Bayangan Indonesia Tour 2018It took two years to write, produce, and record the whole album which was done by himself. It was prepared well and Bayangan tries its best to present a splendid soundscape with astounding vocal performance. In this album, Bayangan uses his personal experiences as materials which are turned into melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Taking notes from the deepest feelings he came across, he expresses it through music that is able to reflect his sincerest thoughts. This album mainly touches a pretty heavy topic called ‘life compass demagnetization’, a process which requires one to recalibrate his/her way of thinking and living in order to regain the consciousness. With an album artwork created by Malaysian visual artist Blank who collaborated with photographer Adely Adnan, the picture depicts a Balinese ceremonial “Ngaben” in which one’s body is cremated and its ashes washed away to the ocean. Folk Music Festival in Batu, Malang will be the first stop of Bayangan’s tour in Indonesia. He will make appearances at 8 more destinations. Bayangan’s performances on 6 cities will be accompanied by fellow Malaysian singer, Azmyl Yunor. “Bersendirian Berhad” has been released on CD and digital format through Bright Lights Production Sdn Bhd while the cassette tapes version is repressed by Solo’s record label, Hema Records. Note his tour schedule in Indonesia and grab the CDs there!

“Bayangan Bersendirian Berhad Indonesia Tour 2018” Schedule:

Batu, 3 August – Folk Music Festival 2018
Solo, 5 August – Hema Records (venue TBA)
Yogyakarta, 7 August – Ruang Gulma (venue TBA)
Semarang, 8 August – Serum 45 (venue: Mukti Cafe) – with Azmyl Yunor
Bandung, 9 August –  Loubelle – with Azmyl Yunor
Jakarta, 10 August – Kios Ojo Keos – with Azmyl Yunor
Bogor, 11 August – Lionglatte Collective (venue TBA) – with Azmyl Yunor
Jatiwangi, 12 August – Jatiwangi Art Factory – with Azmyl Yunor
Surabaya, 13 August – Qubicle Centre – with Azmyl Yunor