Sisitipsi BOMAT! Music VideoSisitipsi Prove That They DGAF with New Video for “BOMAT!”

The band from Jakarta who are known for their hit single “Alkohol”, Sisitipsi once again serve a new song from their upcoming sophomore album. Fauzan Lubis, Rian Rahman, Eka Wiji Astanto, Hendar Dimas Anggara, Amoroso Romadian, and Aditiya Rahman from Sisitipsi revealed “BOMAT!” along with the visual for it a while ago. This song represents the whole attitude of the band who rather don’t give a f*** about negative things that surround them. Besides, as the music goes, this song is also thought to embody the band as a whole. The song was composed by Rian Rahmat with Fauzan Lubis as the songwriter. The song is pretty upbeat and combines various influences like swing and jazz. It’s like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” but on a more refined, theatrical, and indie side. Sisitipsi seems like having fun expressing their thoughts about dismissing all the negative remarks that they receive from outsiders.

Sisitipsi BOMAT! Music VideoThe spirit of the song is then translated into a music video directed by Hendrick Ben Matulessy, with the help of Richard Kalipung and Selangit Studio. You could see pantomime players and Sisitipsi’s members enacting a choreography moves and symbolic movements that represent they are truly unapologetic towards those who badmouth them, because it’s the way of life that they chose. The whole presentation in this video is delightful to watch, with the addition of animation, it becomes livelier and more exciting. This song will later be included on their second album titled “Minta Lagi” or ML for short. It is planned to be released on July 2018 after it took a year to finish with the help of Maximum Soul and Velvet Studio. We hope that their reckless attitude will stay long in the game. Watch the music video of Sisitipsi’s “BOMAT!” below.