Buzz Berdosa SingleMalang’s New Grunge Unit Buzz, Debut with Single “Berdosa”

Heavily inspired by the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, three men decided to form a grunge band called Buzz. Coming from Malang, the trio have released their debut single called “Berdosa” on 12 May 2018 through their official Bandcamp account. It is stated through a press release that their song is about sect… secter…. heck, to put it simply and to avoid mis-interpretation we decide to use common word for common people. Their song “Berdosa” talks about a group of people who judge other people based on their race, sex, ethnic, and other identities. This phenomena sadly is now occurring in our society especially during the height of political tension. It inspired the band to create a song out of this incident. Naufal (vocal, guitar), Uzed (drum) and Tomo (bass) felt that this social phenomena should be addressed through what they can do best, music. “Berdosa” which is a 1 minute and 41 seconds song feature signature grunge sound which involves lots of noises inspired by the sound of Nirvana and Alice In Chains.

Buzz Berdosa SingleBuzz don’t hesitate to bring the fast pace right away from the intro, we are served with rapid drums and distorted guitar sounds. Fifteen seconds later the pace slows down and the vocal kicks in.  Albeit it doesn’t strike you right away as amazing, Naufal holds it steady throughout the song. The lyrics is like a direct question towards the group that like to judge someone else’s business. “If we look at the media, or observe those who are close to us. There must be some groups of people who put their version of truth at the highest state, it’s like they are always ‘white’ and those who don’t have the same thoughts are ‘black’,” said Naufal about this song. “Berdosa” was recorded at Naufal’s home with the mixing and mastering done at Rama Project Studio. Alvin Cahya is in charge for creating the artwork and the song can be downloaded for free here.