Dandelions Bukan Playboy Music VideoDandelions Reveal “Bukan Playboy” Video with Full of Symbolism

Surabaya’s rock n roll outfit, Dandelions, have finally unleashed the music video for single “Bukan Playboy” on 17 May 2018. The single which was taken from mini-album “Mantra Sakti” will also appear on Dandelions’ upcoming full length album “Anak-Anak Bunga”. Their album is scheduled to be released next July and you got the first taste off of it with this single. The music video was done in collaboration with Senyawa Creative production house with RmDinda as the director. The video displays a narration that holds the premise of “if she could turn back time” from previous memories. The two female leads in this video reenact the past memories like a flashback. It also represents RmDinda’s complex personality. It was shot in Surabaya on several indoor and outdoor locations.

As the director, RmDinda interprets the meaning of ‘playboy’ according to Oxford dictionary which is “Playboy means A walthy man who spends his time enjoying himself, especially one who behaves irresponsibly or has many casual sexual relationships”. It is often associated with men’s lifestyle, but in this video that kind of mentality also belongs to women. Starring Diani PS and Suci Damar Jati, the two act as a playful couple who enjoy themselves and do some fun. The symbol of playboy doesn’t only represented by the scenes but also some symbols like rabbits. Njet S. as the composer of this song wants to convey the message that playboy is as bad as corruptor as they only ruin someone else’s life. The symbols of flower generation are also used in this video like the sunflower, Dandelions’ scarf and many more. The viewers are free to interpret the meaning behind of this video according to their own belief. Watch the music video of “Bukan Playboy” on Dandelions’ official Youtube channel below. Follow the band on their social media like Instagram or Twitter.