Deadpool 2 ReviewReview: Deadpool 2 Gives One Hell of A Bloody Scene and Lots of Vulgar Jokes

Another year, another superhero movie is released and after the gapping hole that Avengers: Infinity War left us, Deadpool 2 is ready to fill it back in. The anti-hero movie from Marvel which is distributed and produced entirely by 20th Century Fox takes up the action and humor a notch from the first installment. Starring Ryan Reynolds who reprised his role as Wade Wilson, Deadpool embarks on a journey to fight a powerful enemy named Cable. Played by Josh Brolin, it seems like the actor was born to play a villain *cough Thanos cough*. Deadpool joined forces with other mutants to save a boy from Cable. If we’d like to compare, the second movie brought a more bloody, harsh, and cutthroat action scenes than the first one. Directed by David Leitch who was the mastermind behind “John Wick” and “Atomic Blonde”, it is 100% understandable that he infused his craft in making sadistic scenes look exciting and somewhat tolerable.

Deadpool 2 Review

Deemed as a sci-fi movie or action, you might find Deadpool 2 is inclined more towards a comedy movie. You would not stop laughing, coughing, or nervously cracking a smile *as you might not get the jokes* throughout this movie. If you haven’t watched the first edition, no worries because this sequel is not a continuation from the first movie. There are some recurring roles like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Deadpool’s fiancée a.k.a Vanessa as well as Wilson’s senior roommate and Indian taxi driver, Dopinder. Being an R-rated movie means you would find a lot of vulgar languages, jokes, or remarks being made by Deadpool. With a moving-forward plot, it was easy to follow the narration this time around compared to the back and forth plot which was served on the first movie.

Deadpool 2 Review
The boy that Deadpool and co save

Deadpool didn’t hesitate to mock Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Comics along the way, but it’s Deadpool, so you got to take it with a grain of salt. The kind of hero that Deadpool tried to convey in this movie is a realistic one, as he claimed that a true superhero isn’t always equal with saving as many as lives as possible. Sometimes, you have to grasp the reality and go within your power to save what matters to you. Deadpool 2 is now screening in theaters near you!

P.S.: Deadpool team up with Indonesian’s local hero Wiro Sableng, with a nice little promotion at the end of this movie

Reviewer: Susanti Oktavia/Editor: Novita Widia