Glaskaca Putih Music VideoGlaskaca Reveal A Surreal Visualization for Single “Putih”

After releasing their EP last year called “Staedig”, Jakarta’s alternative rock band Glaskaca come back with a brand new single titled “Putih”. This becomes their first time using Bahasa as the title and lyrics for their music and somehow it feels different than their previous records. The song is appointed as the first single from the band’s upcoming full length debut album which will be out this year. “Putih” features a more personal lyrics that portray the inner battle inside human’s mind. The song itself is special for Glaskaca, as it was produced by the frontman of Barasuara, Iga Massardi. “Putih is one of the first songs that were created for our debut album. This song opens more new possibilities to our music which we never explored before,” explained Rayhan Noor (guitar, synth). The single has been released on digital format as of today, and you can listen to it on Spotify and other digital platforms.

In conjunction with the release, the music video for “Putih” can also be enjoyed on Glaskaca’s Youtube channel. Directed by Toma & Kako creative team and Tora Creativeworks, the visual is a chock full of symbols, satires, as well as surrealist settings. It is represented through the change of facial expression from the actors in this video. They might smile or laugh on the outside, but inside their minds, no one knows what they think or feel. “The visualization of “Putih” is just a few set of problems that are faced by someone or several people,” said Dian Tamara as the director of the video. The director went on saying that the song is like a beginning of new path that will develop into new issues called life. Established in 2013, Glaskaca is comprised of Dias (vocal, guitar, bass), Aldi (drum), Rayhan (guitar, synth) and Moses (programming, synth). Check out their first music video for “Putih” below and if you want to know more about this project, listen to their EP “Staedig” or single “Preclear” on this website.

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