Eitherway Hiding in Plain Sight EPEitherway Fulfill Our Daily Emo Needs with Debut EP “Hiding in Plain Sight”

During the celebration of Record Store Day 2018 in Malang that was held on 21 April 2018, we had the chance to see special releases and one of many that caught our attention was the releases from Haum Entertainment. Sitting pretty on top of its counter is the debut EP of emo band, Eitherway. The band have previously released a single called “Thank Heaven” back in September 2017. Taking a few months in the process, Eitherway have come up with their debut EP called “Hiding in Plain Sight” under Haum Entertainment. It was the first time for the physical evidence of the record to appear during Record Store Day after the band opened the Pre-order a month ago. The red and ivory white artwork for the album was done by Farhan Asyraq depicting a girl climbing the step to a Japanese temple. The mini album contains 5 tracks in total with a new remastered version of their debut single “Thank Heaven”. “Two songs were written by Guntur (Eitherway’s guitarist) and the rest were composed by me. All those songs were mixed and mastered by Bagas Yudhiswa from Beeswax,” said Bagas Asfriansyah, the vocalist of Eitherway who is also active as a soloist under the moniker minor dialogue.

Eitherway Hiding in Plain Sight EPThe fourpiece emo unit also plan to reveal new music video for this EP in which they have teased a the behind-the-scene process through their Instagram page. Bagas further stated that they have planned to reveal more releases besides the album to make Eitherway’s debut more compelling. If you missed the chance to obtain their EP during Record Store Day 2018 a while ago, you can still purchase it through Haum Entertainment. Their new version of “Thank Heaven” is available to be downloaded for free through Haum’s Bandcamp as well. However, there is no exact date about the digital release of this album, but there’s a brief preview for this album below.

“Hiding in Plain Sight” Tracklist

  1. Mono
  2. Thank Heaven
  3. Cipher
  4. Amber
  5. Shoulders