Atlesta Gestures Mini Concert ReviewGestures Mini Concert Brought Fans Closer to Atlesta

MALANG (03/23)Atlesta, a band led by Fifan Christa have held their intimate concert called “Gestures Mini Concert” on 23 March 2018. That night, a swarm of youth entered Bohemian Café with their pre-purchased tickets, or buying their tickets on the spot. A total of 106 spectators filled the space including the invited guests and Gestures Private Show Guest. The show commenced at half past seven, and the viewers were delighted with a graceful play of lighting, sound, and visual. Using Gestures’ visual colors that can be seen on the album’s cover which are magenta, purple, white and black, Atlesta looked striking with their all-white outfit. Atlesta performed all 13 tracks from their third album as well as two songs from previous albums which are “Paris Weekend” and “Sensation”. The show was divided into three chapters with different themes but still have correlation between one another.

Atlesta Gestures Mini Concert ReviewThe first chapter of the show was opened with an intro filled with a short medley, it was then continued with three songs from “Gestures”. The first part of it told about the relationship between Fifan and important figures surrounding him. Chapter two which told about what he had experienced in the past was filled with four songs in total. Then the last chapter told about the current state of Fifan and his future was also comprised of four songs in total with an outro. The concert did not only act as his first solo concert, but also acted as a verbal interaction between him and his listeners who he could not meet in person before. With a such intimate setting and close proximity within the band, the show was able to translate Atlesta’s deepest feelings through his music. “The beauty of art is when that work manages to affect other people’s lives, a rare and precious chance for me to be able to sing and share my stories with the listeners that night,” said Fifan. He could not hide his smile and pride after the concert was finished and said that it was only the beginning before he brings the concert to ither cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, dan Surabaya.

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