Deathroned Upon A Mortal World VideoDeathroned Show Gory Images for “Upon A Mortal Wound” Video

The death metal scene in Surabaya is alive and well and one of the newcomer is called Deathroned who started their journey in music industry last year. Prior to their upcoming EP release, Deathroned released a music video for single “Upon A Mortal Wound” which was out in 23 March 2018. The song that lasts for 2 minutes and 57 seconds kick it right off from the start with upbeat tempo and screamo. The visual is dedicated for those who are not afraid of watching decaying flesh, blood, eyeballs, and other gory images as the band combined fragments taken from various experimental movies. Set in black and white tone, it doesn’t decrease the darkness these frightening images exude. Thankfully, the music and the scenes match well, so we could not say more with this visual. The video was directed by Deathroned’s guitarist, Reno Surya in which he collaborated with  Hamidan from  Matamerah Film as the editor.

“Upon A Mortal Wound” is also available on the band’s Bandcamp account in its audio format. The band also make a breakthrough as they stated that their upcoming record called Liturgy Into Holocaust” will not be mixed or mastered, which is a bold move from any music group. The album will be released in mid-April via UK’s record label Cavernous Record on cassette tapes format. It was recorded at Daztanian Studio with the help of Daniel Natjaard as the sound engineer and Made Dharma for the sound balancing. Deathroned. So, if death metal music like this one is up on your alley, check out what Deathroned got in store with “Upon A Mortal Wound” below.