Minor dialogue radford, very funny and kibou Music VideoThese Music Videos by minor dialogue Will Make You Emotional AF

With this Buzzfeed-esque title, we humbly admit that we shed a tear or two while watching the videos from minor dialogue for his two singles called “radford, very funny” and “kibou”. Released back in February, these two videos were released as a part of his planned trilogy visual. Minor dialogue itself is the solo project from Bagas Asfriansyah who is also a part of emo band, Eitherway. Rather than expressing his feelings straightforwardly and in your face like what he does in his band, Bagas takes a more subtle approach with this solo project. We could not believe the result of an emo kid with acoustic guitar could be this good. We don’t know whether it’s the songs, the visuals or the lyrics, but watching at these two videos could tickle all your inner emotions. Shot in Tokyo, Japan, the two videos show the urban landscape of the bustling capital city with its sophisticated machine and systems. Using blue-ish color tone, the visuals exude a certain kind of somberness, loneliness, as well as calming effect at once.

On a snowy background, Bagas said that he does not shoot the literal form of the city’s landscape. He also tries to insert some storyline and semiotic kind of symbols, which put some more meanings to the video.  Shot in January this year, the video became one of his dream’s realization.  “These videos are made because of my dream of having an EP from my own writings, and then make the visuals outside of the country. Japan has these personal, nostalgic feelings for me personally, so I decided to go there and realize this dream of mine,” said minor dialogue. As for the meanings for these songs, he explained, “They tell about hoping, which actually happens to be the main theme of the EP. I also poured, I would say, my ‘melancholic anxieties’ that I’ve been feeling to them, namely unstable emotions, complicated one-sided love, and pessimism. Well, I know, lyrics-wise, it looks very personal, but I’m pretty sure other people my age can really feel the feel I’m feeling if they carefully observe the lyrics I wrote. I could say this is not basically just a hope thingy. It could be way, way deeper than that.” We thoroughly enjoy the experience of watching the two videos back to back, and we suggest you to watch them in particular order.

His EP “from which I can’t look away” has been released via Pop Flesh Records last year. He has also released a single called “Alleviating” with the help of Derry Rith Haudin as the producer. Enjoy these two videos for “radford, very funny” and “kibou” while waiting for the next video by this Malang’s based musician this month!