Lalala Festival 2018 Review
The crowd at Lalala Fest 2018
Lalala Fest 2018 Totally Satisfied Festival Goers with Their Second Event!

There’s a saying that goes ‘what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger’ and it’s the perfect phrase to represent Lalala Fest 2018. Being held for the second time at Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang, Bandung on 10 March 2018, the international forest festival presented an experience unlike any other music festival in Indonesia. It has been a common knowledge that their first installment was a lackluster, but thankfully THE Group as the organizer and promoter didn’t give up and decided to hold the festival once again. Almost perfect, is the term that we’d like to use to describe the whole event. The gate was opened at 12PM at noon that allowed a stream of excited youth to enter the vast forest area. We were welcomed with a guidebook that is filled with the most prominent information regarding the festival like the schedule and venue map. On a pretty steep area that requires a ton of energy from one to explore the whole festival, there were two stages available. Ombre stage was located near the entrance gate and acts like Gabriel Mayo, Dizzyhead, Moko Discover, Radak Banu, Reality Club, Adhitia Sofyan, Dipha Barus x Kallula x Nadin, RKCB, Wafia, Route 94 and Bondax were scheduled to perform there.

Lalala Festival 2018 Review
The Groove

On the end of the tilting lane, there was Navajo stage that presented acts like Ten2Five, The Groove, Roycdc, Pusakata, Rendy Pandugo, Oh Wonder, Blonde, Tom Odell and Blackbear. Both stages were pretty much apart, so the sound resulted from both didn’t interfere each other and it was a good thing. However, to go back and forth between these two spots wasn’t an easy task as we said earlier, the ground wasn’t flat. Despite this seemingly tiring effort, it didn’t stop the festival goers from having the time of their lives. The sound quality on both stages were tremendously adequate. Ombre stage offered a more intimate space with a not-so-high stage level which made the audience saw the performers clearly. Reality Club as the last year’s band submission winner entertained their young fans with their easy listening tunes. While Adhitia Sofyan evoked an intimate and melancholic feelings from the love birds that were present that day.

Lalala Festival 2018 Review
Dipha Barus

Wafia who was very friendly and all smiles that night brought her A-game in vocal and blew us away with her performance. Bondax who performed on an intimate gig the night before brought their familiar tunes like “All I See” and “Giving It All” as well as their new single called “Neo-Seoul”. Dipha Barus also brought his two female collaborators on stage and each gave their own colors with their presence and attitude on stage.

On Navajo stage, veteran acts like Ten2Five and The Groove brought back nostalgia that got us sing along to their tunes. It was our first time to see Pusakata (Is) after he left Payung Teduh and we can say that he is on the right path to bring more to the table. All the songs were rearranged and gave a refreshing feeling for the listeners. Blackbear gave a surprising appearance as he wore Batik shirt on stage that reminded us a bit of Iga Massardi from Barasuara. The R&B singer gracefully said hello to the crowd and was surprised by the warm welcome from the audience. As one of the most awaited performer that night, Oh Wonder showed their class with such amazing tunes and wonderful play of lighting on stage.Lalala Festival 2018 Review

There was a little drizzle that came at 8PM or so, but it didn’t scare the visitors away as they decided to stay and enjoyed the rest of the Lalala Festival 2018 experience. There were F&B area by Gormetaria that served snacks, light meals, heavy meals, drinks, and many more. In between, there were also installations and photo spots that were packed with people who wanted to take group photos, selfies, or just admired the gorgeous setting. The crew and volunteers were pretty helpful this time around, and they have prepared raincoats to anticipate the falling rain (thank God it didn’t happen). To put it simply, Lalala Fest 2018 was one of the best festival experience we had this year in Indonesia. Lalala Fest 2018 managed to attract as many as 7,000 spectators and hopefully there will be another installment next year!

Lalala Fest 2018 Review
Oh Wonder

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